Felt Fabric Potato Grow Bag - 14" Diameter, 18" High

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Felt fabric planter grow bag that allows you to keep planting while maximizing limited garden space.  This bag is composed of a material blend of post-consumer recycled polyester material, a fabric that allows for great aeration - preventing heat buildup or overwatering.   Best of all, it can be used for more than one or two seasons  The bag weighs less than one pound when empty, and holds up to 12 gallons of soil.  Dimensions:  18" high and 14" in diameter.  Currently available in black, grey, or white.  To clean, remove plants and soil, rinse out with water, let dry, and store for future use.

Product Reviews

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  1. Good Strength

    Posted by Casey 6 years ago

    I first contacted SEFS via phone to ask a few questions. I was promptly directed to a service person "Mike" whom had a great knowledge of your products as well a good personality. After feeling very comfortable I went ahead and placed my order and product was shipped to me a few days later. The handles are capable of holding the weight of a full bag of soil and plant within. I only wish these grow bags were more wide rather than being so tall.

Showing reviews 1 - 1 of 1